Support Us

Although you may not realise it very few of Pro-Contact services and projects receive Government or Council money.

The current financial climate means more families then ever are living in poverty and cannot access funding for support. Without your donations we are unable to help the many families who come to us looking for help when they are at their most vulnerable.



Every penny you donate will go towards providing services to families where conflict damages children.

Donations don’t have to be money, it could be old toys or raffle prizes for us to use.

As a charity we do not make a profit on any charged services. We continually fundraise to offer services to those in need.



Many of our services receive no statutory funding. Without you Pro-Contact will be unable to provide services to many families in need.


We have a range of volunteer opportunities: from observing contact, to co-facilitating training and interactive play and support with families. We also value the importance of back office support: marketing, business planning and fundraising.